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attracting players

Living in the era of social networks, as well as due to the sharp decline of the administration, it came to mind to create a slightly different attraction of players to this server. How to do it: 1. 2. LIKE and SHARE facebook group 3. let's help each other develop the group, as well as attract new players :)


Smukaa, 2020-09-26

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Chaos Castle 18:45
Devil Square 18:55
Santa Event 19:00
Blood Castle 19:25
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Further characters can be created only from level 320

Magic Gladiator
Magic Gladiator can use most of spells, skills and armour used by Dark Knight and Dark Wizard. He can visit some locations before other Muonline characters. Аlso, Gladiators can wear items at a lower level.
Dark Lord
Dark Lord - beast master. Dark Raven и Dark Horse are his servants. As well as Magic Gladiator, he is powerful because he can visit some locations before other Muonline characters. He also can wear items at a lower level. Is capable of spells and skills that are not known to other MU Online residents.
This char will be created automatically when registering. Besides, You can create 4 other chars in site.
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