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"New's" In Honor of 2022 Started In New Qvest

In Honor of 2022 Started In New Qvest ! New Qvest name is ""New" Qvest In 2022 year!"

TreBab, 2022-01-16

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Blood Castle 20:25
Chaos Castle 20:45
Devil Square 20:55
Santa Event 21:00
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Рейтинг серверов mmotop


Rules of Conduct and Playing at Server.

Attention! All players registered at this server must follow the rules stated below. Ignorance of rules does not relieve from responsibility! Тhe fact that you are registered at the server automatically signifies that you completely agree with its rules.


  • GM (Game Master) – a member of administration who keeps order at the server. GM helps players to solve problems.
  • Administrator – a member of administration who adjusts game process. Administrators develop the project, introduce new options, but they do not solve daily problems that players face.
  • Player – any person who has registered at the site and has access to the game.
  • Account owner – a player who has registered an account. A player must have an email and a phone number when registering, as well as keep access to them during the game process. The phone number (first priority) and email (second priority) prove acount ownership.

General terms and conditions

  1. Players are not entitled in any way towards the administration of the server.
    1. However, a player may require prove his crime when being punished or in a month’s time after punishment has been completed.
    2. If punished as kill/disconnect, evidences’ data is a sufficient prove.
    3. Also, proves may be as follows: a screenshot sent to the administration and not editted (however, the administration may make changes to the picture if needed) (if someone’s speech on the screenshot is important, the chat (F4) must be shownin a full form); facts known from server logs; a player’s knowledge/ignorance of any relevant information; a player’s admission of ignorance of rules; other obvious issues.
  2. Rules may be changed or supplemented, which is the matter of administration's decision.
  3. In case the rules in different translations vary, rules in Russian are to be treated as primary.
  4. The player can enter the game, the site and forum only if he/she completely understands and agrees with the rules.
  5. In case of rule violation, the player shall not play, enter the site, use in the game earned property (game money, items, chars), as well as he loses the access to credits bought for real money.
  6. Your account may be deleted if it was not activated by e-mail in a week’s time. Your character may be deleted if it did not increase any level.
  7. Your character may be renamed if you have not entered the game for 100 days.
  8. Logs are saved for 100 days. Afterwards, no complaints are accepted.
  9. The usage of paid services does not make you a special player and does not allow to violate the current rules.
  10. The player has to honestly answer the administration’s questions and read messages from it.
  11. Character deletion is prohibited.


Infringements and punishments (punishments are written in [square brackets], if two options given, a GM may use any). The term of each following ban is 10% longer. Also, a GM is always entitled to punish a player for the violation less strictly than indicated here (punishments from strictest to less strict: kill -> disconnect -> ban -> character deletion -> account removal). In case of rules violation, a GM may use char teleportation as he/she wishes? But must not overuse this possibility. Several types of ban are possible – blocking the account, blocking IP, blocking computer. Last 2 types are applied in case of multiple violations or disrespectable attitude to the administration.
  1. Intercourse
    1. Flood, mendicancy [disconnect, ban 1-3]
    2. Obscene language [disconnect, ban 1-5]
    3. Offence. Any verbal expresion that could offend the player or that is directed to lower the player`s self-esteem, including within the undirected comments. [ban 1-7]
    4. Threats [ban 5-10]
    5. Any racial or religious discrimination, expressing racial or religious dislike, causing international dissention, racism and fascism popularization. [ban 10-20]
    6. Cheating administration [ban 5-15]
    7. Cheating players
      1. pretending to be an Administrator or a GM
      2. asking other players' login or password
      3. offering the sale of account
      4. offering the sale of items in a way other than offered at the site (your own or other player’s)
      5. distribute any false information
    8. Advertising [disconnect, ban 1-20, account removal]
    9. Provocation [disconnect, ban 1-3]
    10. Insulting or threatening administration [account removal]
    11. Urging to play at other servers [ban 1-20, account removal]
    12. Spreading fraudulent information about the server’s closure [ban 1-20, account removal]
  2. Cheating
    1. Using patches that are not included into original client’s package for fraudulent purposes [bаn 10-20]
      1. Speed Hack
      2. Guardian Patch
      3. Proxy Clicker [deletion of all money, negative balance of money, 5 days ban+ deletion of money]
      4. Others
    2. Making changes to client ['removal']
    3. 3. Using bugs in game or at the site [account removal] Amnesty and award are possible in case of voluntary informing the administration about the bug
      1. Copying items and money [account removal and ban]
      2. Ruining the balance by other means (you know what makes you stronger while others don't) [considered by the administration]
      3. Stats change more than 32766, negative stats [reset rejection, stats removal]
  3. Game process
    1. Intervening at a quest [kill, disconnect, ban 1-3]
    2. Killing a GM [kill, disconnect, ban 1-3]
    3. Massive killing beside the exit of the town and teleport points are forbidden, except the right exit in Davias and Losttower 1. Massive is considered multiple killings of the players with the goal of limit the gameplay for them, access to the spots or events. Massive killing is NOT considered when the victim is a killer, accepted the battle or is not trying to leave the exit. [kill, disconnect, ban 1-2]
    4. Increasing a level of a char that is challenged to a duel with another player [disconnect, ban 1]
  4. Char names, logins and guild names ['removal']
    1. Char name and login must correspond to langauge regulations.
    2. Char name must not contain any insulting information.
    3. Char name must not be similar to Admin's or GM's name.
  5. Purchase/Sale ['removal']
    1. Each account must have only one owner, who is fully responsible for his/her chars' behavior
    2. Reveal the password to anyone, including GMs
    3. Reveal the name of the account to anyone, even GMs
    4. Account sale
    5. Account exchange
    6. Sale of credit/zen outside the site
    7. Sale of items outside the site
    8. Sale of anything for real money
  6. Theft [ban 20 days, removal]
    1. Stealing characters/accounts
    2. Stealing items
  7. Regular violation of the rules [considered by the administration (including stats removal, items removal, money deletion, account removal)]

GM's Code of Honour

  1. Not to level his/her char and/or guild. GM is not a player, but a moderator.
  2. Not to sympathize selected players and guilds. Accordingly, not to take part in guilds, not to help in leveling and not to disturb playing.
  3. To be honest and responsive.
  4. To be polite, intelligent. Not to use translit when writing in Russian.
  5. To be educated and have and use own brains. To know what works which way.
  6. To work in his/her sphere. Not to do what is unnecessary.
  7. Not to offend or pursue players driven by personal interests or insults from players' side. All the punishments are prescripted by the rules. After ban term expires, a player is clean and can go on playing.

Info about administration

  1. Administration does not need your account and password. Knowing the name of the character, administrators can get to know the account, change password, enter the game or site, check and solve the problem WITHOUT KNOWING YOUR PASSWORD. Passwords are coded in the database, so no one knows them if you do not let anyone know them. By no means reveal your password in the game.
  2. Administration does not need your items. Do not give your items to anyone - even if you will be threatened by ban or account removal. GMs may take away your items without letting you know that.
  3. Administration does not threaten to or intimidate anyone. If someone asks you to give your items and threatens to remove or block your char, do not listen to him/her. Do not listen to anyone who tries to make a fool of you.
  4. Do not ever buy or accept items if:
    1. You have doubts about their origin.
    2. You are offered items free of charge or at a very low price.
    Soon or late, these items will be seized by administration, and you will be left without items and jewels. the safest way to buy items is to buy them at the site.
  5. One and the only guild in which the administration engages is "GM". The name of each GM is finished by “GM”
  6. In case of exceeding GM's rights or not following the GM's code of honour, a player can report GM's punishment or illegal activity to the GMs' chief or the administrator.
  7. All GM's actions and decisions are not secret and are available for players'observing and discussion (while following rules of behavior). GM shall be punished if his/her fault is proved.
  8. If any problem or rule violation by other players occurs, please contact responsible GMs.


  1. Administration does not shoulder responsibility and in advance apologizes for possible insults you may suffer from other players. Chars using abusive lexics created at the site and cursing and rude players are not our fault - this is the fault of the players with bad intentions. From our side we do our best to save you from abusive and offensive language. Also, administration does not shoulder responsibility for possible cheating at sale, exchange and purchasing accounts and items in the game, but shall do its best to find and punish the cheater.
  2. Administration urges players to be patient and understanding in case of temporary failures of server’s work for technical reasons.
  3. Purchased credits aren't to be returned. No refund is possible.
  4. In case of server failures, return of the base is possible. Administration must compensate credits lost in this time.