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Grand Reset l Reset 15 - 19 Talisman of Chaos Assambly Gold Fenrir
Quest for newbie Reset 20 - 24 BC,DS,Kalima Decent Armor Set
Rare Item Ticket 1 Exchange Reset 25 - 29 Rare Item Ticket 6 Exchange Test Q
Firecracker Reset 30 Max quest To Earn Zen
Grand Reset II Lucky Thirty Talisman of Luck Wormy Apple
Explore Kalima Grand Reset IV GM Game CONTRACT Box Fever
Rare Item Ticket 2 Exchange Grand Reset V For the best! GM Firecrecker
Grand Reset III Item exe 13 Shiny things Fragment of Horn
Reset 0 Rare Item Ticket 4 Exchange Little box Killers
Reset 1 - 2 Rare Item Ticket 5 Exchange Easy shield Helloween Pumkins
Reset 3 - 5 Event ticket More boxes Bad Monsters
Reset 6 - 9 Furry animal Scrap trash Lord of the Ring
Reset 10 - 14 Lucky item Good luck Dragon and Spider Hunting
Rare Item Ticket 3 Exchange Newbie quest Monster Bugs Feather