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What is Discord? Discord is an application, like teampeak3 (gamers will understand), as well as a little skype, only much nicer, more add-ons, etc. For example, you are playing a game (Steam or other). Discord will show it to other users, knowing that it can't bother you or what you are doing. There are overlay options, such as skype, when you are playing something and don't want to be notified in the dextrop meta chat. You will come in, you will understand yourself. Of course, there are opportunities to manage channels, and all sorts of bonuses, as for administrators. There is also a music bot where you can go to the channel, listen to music, etc. What do I suggest? I suggest you visit our gamer Discord server where you can have a good time. I think there are some people here who definitely like to chat, play something in the evenings or in general. Then this place is for you. Come visit us and enjoy.SmukaaGM:

Smukaa, 2020-11-29

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Blood Castle 10:25
Chaos Castle 10:45
Devil Square 10:55
White Wizard 11:00
Santa Event 11:00
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180652ALIGATOR 3040011121541666GMEXTRA
280146DeDyJl9 3040019.9113181854LEWARNING
379502smukulite 3040014.5173903912DMSMILE
478673Opijss 1240030.712843814BMWest
575914Koldyn 282417.54583548GMCamelot
675497Fenomen 3040043.3139101049LEWARNING
765885Maxx 1821427.89229512BMGMasters
856166NeoHawk 940014.83729349GMWest
955745WiZzZzY 1340012.12019360BM
1052860arty1993 9611.152461702GMWest
1150915Pr3dator 304001077972095LEEVILpro
1250414Funtik 304007.12825507BMWARNING
1348581Zibentins 293424.52726847BMFriends
1448453alex_ti19 304005.4596362GMEXTRA
1548354KaFan 304002595714038GMHznajet
1647452Full_Logic 304001424941614BMWARNING
1745601MasterSz 304007.629092155BM
1845408ENEMY 304004.310180535DM
1941555RaimY_s 1040021.423201102BMSkyAngel
2039260Bryzga_e 237972302306HE
2137406Carmela 304007.4717149DM
2236915kecups 304007.61902716GMWest
2336894MrBremze 304005.2492171GM
2436889PoSeiDoN 304003.531491003BMSkyAngel
2536786zeossm 3040011.2702477GMSMILE
2636630Comfort 304005.61226519LEse7en
273639477777 304004661356LEWest
2836235Cabdriver 304004.31792797GMSMILE
2936038puika 284005.3225107GMpromile
3035865LOKOMOTIV 940033.15876441BMWARNING
3135599buivol 273783.218830DMEXTRA
3233903DreamAngel 164009.6223130DM
3333120Meidzors 243693.1574576DMEVILpro
3433114Caliban 183789.11195188BMSkyAngel
3532916puspalis 304001.944032692LESkyAngel
3632107motoloony 244005.616121354BMGMasters
3731924Kroftijs 194004.7756434GMSkyAngel
3831478TonyHawk 1140017.21771270LEHznajet
3929168Zlojpups 122823248154DM
4028703Tank 116314751DMSMILE
4126381Twinkxx 304003.93967793LE
4226292Cr33v3 304004.72144239DMWest
4326031Cassiel 43395.41246566GM
4425955Frukts_ 304004.23509792GMNOOBZ
4525489Zabis1 33624.3240246BM
4625200Kriksis 304003.1904139DMSkyAngel
4724970grantila 304005.61999664DMSkyAngel
4824955WaSaBiJ 3040041672504GMBeaTMe
4924721MadDevil 294003.91624431BMSkyAngel

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